Testimonials: What Our Clients Say

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Most dog owners feel as though our pets are part of our family. So we were devastated to find out that our beloved girl needed to have knee surgery. Dr. Mixon and his staff took the time to carefully explain all of the treatment options that we had available. On the day of her surgery the staff kept us informed the entire day from her getting out of surgery to how her recovery was going. This made a stressful day, much more manageable. We also met with the vet technicians who would be spending the night caring for her and were secure in knowing she would be kept comfortable. Once we were able to bring her home Dr. Mixon kept in contact checking in, making it clear how dedicated he is to his work. When it comes to compassionate care and expertise, Dr. Mixon and his staff are the best choice you can make for your pet.

Tom and Lisa Paloian

“Thanks…Just Thanks.”

June 28, 2008
Dear Dr. Mixon and Associates,

We want to take a moment to commend all of you for the care our pets have received at Newtown Veterinary Center. As owners of four dogs we had a number of occasions to use your services over the course of many years. Most likely the Center is not a favorite place for most pets. But, as we know it is in their best interest to visit your offices and have appropriate treatment. We always found a warm and kind atmosphere at the Center. That coupled with a staff that took the time to explain our options and map out a treatment plan was important to us and to the health of our pets. Today only Annie and Abby remain with us. As it became apparent that poor health would overcome Bandit and Daisy we still felt comfortable with them in your care. There will be more dogs in our future and they will all be trusted to your fine care.
Thanks…….just thanks.
Holly & Richard Gottmeier

“In Good Hands…”

Most recently, our cat Ray became ill in the fall of 2007 and we immediately brought him into see Dr. Mixon and Dr. Westerfield. At first, the causes of his illness were tough to pin down, but both doctors, as well as the entire staff at Newtown Veterinary Center, put a great deal of time and care into making an accurate diagnosis and trying to help him get better. When we had to hospitalize him for several days, we got frequent updates on his condition and his latest test results. The doctors and staff were also extremely flexible in allowing us to visit him while he was hospitalized, which meant a great deal to us. Although we hated having him away from home, we knew he was in good hands because he reacted so calmly to everyone there and was getting plenty of love and affection.

When Ray was finally diagnosed with lymphoma, Dr. Mixon gave us many options for his treatment, and was instrumental in ultimately getting us to the oncology specialists he needed. Unfortunately, Ray lost his battle with the cancer within a few weeks, and we were devastated. Once again, the doctors and staff reached out to us with their condolences and support. Of course, when we brought two new shelter cats into our home this past January, a visit to Newtown Veterinary Center was one of the first items on our to-do list. Pandora and Mischief got complete check-ups and have already made friends with everyone there. We couldn’t imagine bringing them anywhere else.

Brian and Samantha McCoy